20 Reasons You Should Buy ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

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‘Friday the 13th: The Game’-Courtesy of Gun Media

16. You can unlock the secrets of Jason and Crystal Lake

The developers have alluded to a ‘Crystal Lake Database’ in the game, a hub of sorts for unlockables. As you can expect, there will be many unlockables, in terms of the counselors and the different playable Jasons. But other unlockables dive further into the mythology of the Friday the 13th story. That should be a neat little treat for the fans of the series really into the story, always looking to find out a little more.

Gun Media says you can “unlock secrets within Camp Crystal Lake, exploring the mystery surrounding Jason Voorhees and the grounds he patrols”. It’s not totally clear yet what exactly that means. But they’re confirming that the more you play, the more you unlock. And one of the rewards for accomplishing so much is that you’ll get to explore some of the mystery surrounding Jason’s story and how he came to be.

There’s more to Friday the 13th than just Jason Voorhees stabbing people. The lore of the films has room to be a little further explored. There’s a good chance here that you may learn a thing or two about Jason that you didn’t know before.