‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Interview: The Dashing Dana DeLorenzo Part III

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Dana DeLorenzo and Lucy Lawless kicking ass as Kelly and Ruby in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ – Courtesy of Starz

1428: Oh haha. I suppose I was confused. Even so, Kelly kicks ass, says what she wants, and takes no prisoners. How are you like Kelly in real life and how do you differ?

DD: Ohhhh good question. I think I’m most like Kelly when it comes to loyalty. I’m fiercely loyal. Especially to people who have proverbial saved my life and  who have my best interest in life. And Kelly is loyal to Ash because he saved her life and to Pablo because he’s her best friend.

And I’m also very much like her in my relentless determination. Not giving up when you’re beatin’ down. I’m a little like her in ball busting department as well. I’m very sarcastic and really unfiltered but mostly to people I’m friends with. I don’t have the balls to say the stuff she does to anyone like she does.

But, on the flip side, I’m not nearly as cool as she is. Or as collected and as able to be a badass as she is. Like I was saying, I’m always falling down and stuff haha. So she has a leg up on that one.

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1428: So it’s like a seed inside you and you get to bring it out when you’re play a character. I imagine it’s very therapeutic process as an actor.

DD: It is. Very much so.

1428: That’s awesome. So Season 2 ends with a parade in Ash’s honor. The “Ghostbeaters” are back together and all is well. We as the audience see that Dark Ruby is out there and more than likely is plotting her revenge. Only, Kelly doesn’t know that (as well as Ash and Pablo). If you could write whatever you wanted for Season 3, what would you write. Specifically your character, Kelly?

DD: Haha that’s a hard question because I’m not a writer. I won’t even dare speak for the series. I always say the writers have the hardest job. So I’m not even going to touch that. But as the actor who plays Kelly and having experienced her journey, where I would like her to go in Season 3 if things are great until everything turns, because maybe Dark Ruby doesn’t come back right away, is I’d like to see how Kelly handles being back in real world.

1428: Wow, that’s interesting. I hadn’t even thought of that.

DD: Yeah I’d like to see how she handles that. But then also, because evil will come knocking again, I’d like to see what happens with these set-ups. Like what does forging your own path mean? Is it a good path or a bad path? I’d like to see her have some agency and make some decision. Come up with a plan.

And honestly, if she does make her of decision, I’d like to see her screw up. Because with Ash, he screws up all the time but is in denial of it until it eventually works out. Which is why we love Ash. But with Kelly, she wouldn’t be able to deny that she screwed up. I’d like to see her take charge, take the reigns, and screw up.

But that’s just me as an actor wanting to explore those areas of her that I haven’t really thought about. I think that’s an interesting journey. But also, I just want to see Kelly keep kicking ass. I want to see how many different ways she can drop F bombs in Season 3.