Rob: The Most Anti-Climactic Hero in ‘Friday the 13th’ History


Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter saw the introduction of Rob Dier, a promising hero and would-be foil to Jason Voorhees. But things didn’t exactly go according to plan.

The fourth Friday the 13th film first hit theaters in 1984. At the time, it would become the most grisly movie in the series yet. Jason Voorhees was back and more evil than before, continuing his Crystal Lake killing spree. But this time, one man is going to be ready for him…

Rob Dier – Photo courtesy of Paramount

…or so he thinks.

Assuming Jason to be dead, the Jarvis family— siblings Trish and Tommy, and their mother— continue their normal lives in the days following the massacre. Unfortunately, they are unaware of Jason’s escape from the morgue and return to Crystal Lake. They’ll find out soon enough, but not before first meeting Rob Dier— an apparent hunter camping in the area.

It begins with Trish’s car stalling on the side of the road. This is when Rob first plays the hero by coming to their aid, fixing the car. The kind deed sees Trish and Tommy invite Rob to their nearby home, where he meets Mrs. Jarvis. He later heads back out into the woods, but not before getting a kiss from Trish. For all intents and purposes, it’s looking like Rob will be a major player in the film.

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This only intensifies later in the movie. Rob reveals to Trish the real reason he’s in Crystal Lake. He is the brother of Sandra Dier, who was impaled during sex with her boyfriend in Friday the 13th Part 2. It seems Rob isn’t buying the official story about Jason being dead, so he traveled to Crystal Lake to investigate.

Rob’s instincts were right as he and Trish discover the dead bodies of a group of teenagers next door. He ascends the basement stairs with Trish to escape the house, but one of the steps breaks. Of course, Jason is down there too, and a brawl quickly starts between them. This becomes Rob’s chance to avenge his sister and stop Jason. But, unfortunately, the fight ends just as quickly as it starts… with a few hacks of a garden claw.

The way Rob was built up, with his heroic nature and vengeful backstory, you’d think he’d be the one to destroy Jason. But when the two wind up face to face, Rob doesn’t stand a chance. His plan to be a hero and avenge Sandra ends with his corpse being tossed through the window to scare Trish and Tommy.

Thanks for playing, Rob. Next!

Rob does buy Trish and Tommy a few extra seconds, but he certainly doesn’t save them. The Jarvis siblings must vanquish Jason themselves. Tommy, a 12 year old boy, first tricks Jason by impersonating him, planting a machete in him moments later. Realizing Jason isn’t dead yet, Tommy finishes the job by swinging that machete countless more times. Only then does Jason die, remaining dead until Tommy accidentally revives him years later as an adult (whoops).

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Rob Dier could have been the hero of The Final Chapter, the one to finally put a stop to Jason Voorhees forever (or, at least until Jason Lives). But thanks to a gardening tool, a 12 year old kid had to step up to the plate instead. At least you tried, Rob— go ahead and take the garden claw with you as a consolation prize.