Resident Evil (2002): 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Alice in Resident Evil – Courtesy of Screen Gems

With Resident Evil: The Final Chapter rapidly approaching its release date, let’s take a look at ten random facts about the first movie in the film series.

When Paul W. S. Anderson wrote and directed the first Resident Evil, he’d take a departure from the story in the games. By adding Alice (Milla Jovovich) as the central character, the movies would create their own plot loosely based on the Capcom video games.

Alice’s journey is soon coming to a close, so let’s rewind back to her beginnings with ten things you might not know about the 2002 film.

10. Alice’s name is not spoken in the film

If you’ve been keeping up with the movies, you definitely know the protagonist’s name is Alice. But back when you were watching that original film for the first time, you wouldn’t have known. Nobody actually speaks her name at any point in the movie.

But it does show Alice’s name in the movie. Well, sort of. It’s actually in the credits. So learning Alice’s name for the first time literally takes until the end of the movie. That’s when you could see the name of the character Milla Jovovich plays and then figure it out.