Resident Evil (2002): 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Michelle Rodriguez in Resident Evil – Courtesy of Sony/Screen Gems

9. Michelle Rodriguez had always wanted to be a part of it

Actress Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Rain in the film, was already a fan of the video games. Before a movie was even in the works, she was hoping for a role in the flick. She has since said how big of a fan she is of the game series, and she instructed her agent to get her a part if a Resident Evil film were to ever be made.

As luck would have it, Rodriguez was riding hot off the heels of The Fast and Furious. This gave her agent some leverage to suggest to Paul W. S. Anderson to cast her in the movie. As we know, Anderson would bring her in for the part of Rain, one of the most popular characters in the film.

Years later, Rodriguez would get to sort-of reprise her role in Resident Evil: Retribution.