Resident Evil (2002): 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Resident Evil – Courtesy of Screen Gems

6. The crew got plastered before filming the final scene

After a long and tenuous shoot, the cast and crew behind the movie were ready to wrap things up. And on their final day of shooting, it just so happened to be a crew member’s birthday. According to Milla Jovovich on the DVD commentary, this seemed like it’d be a great time for everyone to celebrate.

Apparently, cases of wine were brought onto the set. The director, Paul W. S. Anderson, showed concern that the cast and crew were going to get too drunk to finish their work. He was reassured that everyone would only have no more than a glass of wine.

It turns out that things did get out of hand, and most of the cast and crew got pretty hammered. At least most of the movie was done by that point, though Anderson might have been a little perturbed.