Resident Evil (2002): 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Resident Evil – Courtesy of Screen Gems

5. The poster art was designed by a fan who won a contest

Sony took an usual approach when it came time to design the poster artwork for the film. In December of 2001, they would run a contest for fans to design the official Resident Evil poster. The winner would receive an “undisclosed sum of cash” and tickets to a screening of the film. They would also use the winner’s poster as their final design in all of the movie’s marketing.

In February 2002, Sony chose 23-year old aspiring actor Nick Des Barres as the winner. Nick was able to see his design come to life in all of the promotional material for the film. It remains perhaps the most notable poster in the film franchise.

Following designing the poster for Resident Evil, Des Barres would wind up with a cushy gig in the gaming world. He now works as a game writer at the developer PlatinumGames.