Resident Evil: Barry Burton’s Top Five Funniest Lines

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Barry Burton in Resident Evil – Courtesy of Capcom

The original Resident Evil video game features the most hilarious voice acting from any video game ever, and Barry Burton has the best lines of them all.

While that first Resident Evil on the Sony Playstation is undoubtedly scary, it’s impossible to play it without laughing at times. Most of the dialogue is not only badly written, but features voice overs which are even worse. But for as cheesy as the voice acting in Resident Evil is, the game just wouldn’t have been the same without it.

Every speaking character gets a chance to deliver some lines badly, but nobody more so than Barry Burton. Let’s look at Barry’s most unintentionally hilarious lines, starting with…

5. Barry jumps to conclusions over a puddle of blood

This peculiar line comes very early into Jill’s playthrough of the game. Jill, Barry, and their boss Albert Wesker take shelter in the mansion. Once inside, they realize Chris isn’t with them, and presumably somewhere still outside.

Soon after, the trio hear a gunshot coming from nearby. Wesker orders Barry and Jill to check it out themselves. In a nearby dining room, Jill and Barry discover a puddle of blood on the ground. Barry suggests Jill search for other clues while he stays behind to examine the blood. As if just staring at it will give him more answers. But before she takes off, Barry says out loud:

“I hope this is not CHRIS’S blood!”

It’s worth noting that there are no windows in the dining room. Or any other possible way for Chris to have somehow gotten in that room first. It also shows Barry’s total disregard for the Bravo team, whom he knows had headed to this area first. You can check out the entire scene in the video below: