Resident Evil: Barry Burton’s Top Five Funniest Lines

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Forrest’s corpse in Resident Evil – Image from Capcom

4. Barry’s reaction to Bravo Team member Forrest’s death

In the original Resident Evil storyline, the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team is sent to investigate after the Bravo Team’s helicopter crashes in the forest. In the wreckage, they discover the corpse of the helicopter pilot— the rest of the team makes it to the nearby mansion to take shelter.

By the time Chris or Jill (depending on your playthrough) makes it to the mansion, it’s too late for other Bravo Team members. We see a decapitated Kenneth early on, and we later find Richard as he lay dying from a giant snake bite. Long-haired Forrest, another Bravo Team operative, is long dead from a rabid crow attack long before his body is found.

In Jill’s run, Barry Burton finds Forrest’s corpse on a balcony. He informs Jill and leads her to the body by delivering this line:

“Just take a look at THIS. It’s FORREST. Oh my GOD. I’m going to find out what caused Forrest’s death. It looks like he was killed by a CROW or something.”

Now just picture that aforementioned line delivered completely void of any emotion whatsoever. It seems much more like this annoys Barry more than it scares or saddens him. But that’s his reaction to finding the badly-pecked body of his comrade.

You can watch the scene starting at the 1:35 minute mark of this video: