Resident Evil: Barry Burton’s Top Five Funniest Lines

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Acid Rounds – Courtesy of Capcom

3. Barry describes the power of acid rounds to Jill

After the incident with Forrest, Jill obtains a bazooka. It’s a mighty convenient weapon to have when you’ve got monsters waiting for you in every room. But, at first, it comes with plain, old grenade rounds.

Enter Barry Burton, hooking Jill up with some acid rounds. Only when he gives them to her, he does so in the strangest way possible. First, he doesn’t explain to her what they even are, choosing to just say it’s something very powerful. He also suggests it’s especially powerful against “living things,” apparently assuming she was going to use them on inanimate objects instead. Here’s all he says when handing over the acid rounds:

“Here’s a weapon. It’s really powerful. Especially against living things.”

Thanks for the tip, Barry. I’m sure Jill was just going to waste those acid rounds on some of the random desks and dressers. She surely wouldn’t have thought to shoot the monsters with ’em. Good thing you clarified things. Barry’s also just assuming Jill has found a bazooka by this point as well. It doesn’t need to be in Jill’s inventory for Barry to give her this ammo. Maybe he thought she could always just throw them at a zombie, if nothing else.

Watch the hysterically bad scene below:

As a bonus— Barry humorously says, “I have THIS!” referring to his trusty Magnum when Jill asks how Barry will protect himself.