Clive Barker Contest Granting $300k Budget To Aspiring Filmmaker


Do you have an awesome idea for a horror movie? Pitch it to the legendary Clive Barker and he just might give you $300,000 to film it!

Have you been sitting on an incredibly awesome horror film idea? Surely many of us like to come up with our own ideas for some movies we’d like to see. But as for how many of us just happen to have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around to actually make these films? I’m thinking it’s not very many of us.

Enter horror legend Clive Barker. As Barker says himself, he wishes he had the support of an amazing studio behind him when developing the first Hellraiser. He knows how truly difficult life can be for an aspiring filmmaker trying to break into the business. So now he is looking to give back to the horror community and give another rookie director a big boost.

Via Project Digital Greenlight Studios, Barker is taking part in a contest which will see him give $300,000 to one lucky filmmaker-to-be. He will be choosing his favorite idea submitted in the contest, mentoring the winner and providing them with the resources to actually turn the pitch into a full length feature film.

How to Enter

The contest officially runs from February 13 to March 17. To enter, head over to and submit your pitch of a horror movie concept, one to three minutes long. It must be a totally original idea; no remakes, sequels, or fan films are allowed. At the end of this submission period, ten semi-finalists will be chosen to proceed to the next round.

At this stage, fan voting will determine one winner to move forward in the contest. Judges will choose another four filmmakers to proceed, taking the total count down to five. From there, each of the five must shoot a sample scene from their films, with Shudder Labs helping them enhance them. One winner will be chosen in the end to make their film with Barker serving as executive producer.

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I’m not currently sitting on any million dollar ideas. But for a chance to work with Clive Barker, I think I’ll throw my name in the hat anyway. Even if all I can come up with is a flick about a super-intelligent gorilla named Bing Bong who puts on a mask and kills people after watching an influential slasher movie.

So, if you see “Bing Bong” make it through to the fan voting stage, then vote for me!