Women in Horror: Top 30 Female Horror Movie Characters

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Drew Barrymore in Scream – Courtesy of Dimension Films

20. Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore, Scream)

Although her role in the Scream movie is ever so small, I have a lot of appreciation for Casey Becker. Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott is certainly the star of the movie, but even today, Casey’s scene is still one of the most remembered in horror movie history. From the way Drew Barrymore plays the Woodsboro teenager, to the sequence of events that occurs that night, it’s indeed an incredible scene.

Casey is getting ready for a fun night with the boyfriend when she gets a strange phone call. An unknown person wishes to talk to her about scary movies. When she grows uninterested with the call, the voice reveals himself to be watching her. Her boyfriend is killed in front of her soon after, and the voice tells her to keep answering horror trivia questions to save her own life.

Minutes later, Ghostface gets ahold of Casey and begins stabbing her to death. It’s truly one of the more shocking moments to happen in a horror film. Given Barrymore’s star power at the time, it seemed very likely she’d be the final girl. You’d at least expect her to get past the opening scene, anyway.