Women in Horror: Top 30 Female Horror Movie Characters

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Janet Leigh as Marion Crane in ‘Psycho’- Courtesy of Universal

15. Marion Crane (Janet Leigh, Psycho)

We’re going back to another oldie but goodie for this one. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is widely regarded as one of the all time greatest films. It tells the eerie story of Norman Bates and his mother running a motel business. Of course, we come to find out that Norman’s mother has been long dead. Norman dresses up as her, roleplaying as his own mother as he attacks unwitting victims who show up on the premises.

Enter Marion Crane, played by the lovely Janet Leigh. Marion arrives at Bates Motel to book a room, unaware of the danger she is in. Norman spies on her before eventually putting his mom’s dress on and attacking her. While taking a shower, Norman stabs Marion to death, with spine-tingling music playing all the while. Marion’s blood swirling down the drain has become one of the most iconic horror moments.

Decades before Casey Becker, there was Marion Crane. They’re similar in that people weren’t expecting Marion to die as soon as she did. Her death left audiences shocked, but the moment would also help put the modern horror movie on the map. As far as horror movie victims go, we should always hold respect for Marion Crane.