Women in Horror: Top 30 Female Horror Movie Characters

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Ari Lehman as young Jason scaring Alice (Adrienne King) in Sean Cunningham’s ‘Friday the 13th’ – Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

10. Alice Hardy (Adrienne King, Friday the 13th)

Adrienne King plays the very first final girl in the Friday the 13th film franchise, Alice Hardy. Preparing for the upcoming reopening of Camp Crystal Lake, Alice is serving as a camp counselor. But before the camp can even open, an unknown killer starts taking out all of the potential counselors on the premises. It appears that someone out there really doesn’t want this camp to open back up.

The killer, Mrs. Voorhees in this case, has no problem butchering most of the people there. Whether it’s an axe to the face or an arrow through the throat, she lays waste to all of Alice’s friends. Things come down to a final brawl between Alice and Mrs. Voorhees, who wants to punish teenagers for the drowning death of her son Jason. Alice takes down Mrs. Voorhees, although it’s just a temporary setback as the fight continues outside.

Fortunately, Alice gets ahold of the woman’s machete. Putting an end to the vicious bloodbath which had just occurred at the camp, Alice slices Mrs. Voorhees’ head clean off. That’s badass enough and very memorable as it is. But the most iconic moment happens when Alice is pulled underwater by young Jason in a dream sequence, first introducing the monster who would become the world’s most recognizable masked killer.