Women in Horror: Top 30 Female Horror Movie Characters

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You’re Next – Courtesy of Lionsgate

24. Erin (Sharni Vinson, You’re Next)

Meeting the parents goes horribly awry in the nifty horror flick You’re Next. Erin goes with her boyfriend to his parents’ remote home in Missouri for a family dinner. His siblings are also coming with their respective significant others. But things quickly take a turn for the worse when the home is attacked by psychos wearing animal masks. What a time for a home invasion.

The carnage in this movie never stops coming. As various members of the household are violently killed, those remaining do their best to survive and figure out what’s happening. As time goes on, it becomes much more apparent that this isn’t just some random killing. This house has been targeted, and Erin starts putting the pieces together to find out why.

I don’t like to spoil movie endings, so I can’t say what specifically happens. But I will say that Erin gets some moments to shine and kicks a lot of ass in this film. While the acting is pretty good from the entire cast, it’s Sharni Vinson as Erin who really stands out. Erin has since become one of the very best final girls from horror movies to appear in recent years.