Jessica Cameron: The Sultana of Splat


1428 Elm celebrates Women in Horror Month as Karl Colchak takes the time to talk about indie horror actress and director Jessica Cameron.

Jessica Cameron was destined to be associated with the horror genre. She hails from a city in Canada that once was home to a tavern by the name of Bucket of Blood. Owen Sound, Ontario, is sometimes referred to as “The Chicago of the North.” Lets hope the President doesn’t read this. Ol’ Donny will criticize Canada and get Americans banned from their country.

(Don’t worry Mr. President, I’ll acknowledge any “fake news” in this article to make things easier for you and Kellyanne Conway.)

Two years after my fellow horror connoisseur, Billy Cripps, eviscerated Jessica with a rusty fishing knife, I’ve decided to shine a spotlight on the lovely Canadian. Cameron studied at the School of Fashion within Ryerson University’s Faculty of Communication & Design. Jessica graduated and subsequently moved to Ohio (The Canada of the South) to work as a designer.

The sultana’s first acting role came in the 2010 film, The Dead Matter (which was the name basis conceptually crafted for the Black Lives Matter Movement – “fake news”). Jessica Cameron would receive the 2010 Golden Cobb Rising Movie Star Award for her performance.

PHOTO: Jessica Cameron

Blonde hair, blue eyes, bloody clothes.

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In 2011, the modern-day scream queen played Ashley in the Syfy channel’s Camel Spiders, which was produced by Roger Corman. Jessy would later appear as herself (bridal stylist) in the TLC reality series, Brides of Beverly Hills. Cameron was definitely a breath of fresh air for TLC as they would soon air Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo, the series that the A.V. Club calls ” a horror story posing as a reality television program” after its first episode.

The following year saw Jessica ascend towards new heights within the horror genre. The following passage was liberated from IMDB:

“2013 was the first year in which Cameron stepped behind the camera to direct and produce Truth Or Dare, a torture film that she co-wrote with Jon Scott Higgins. Truth Or Dare would screen nearly 50 times all over the world and win 33 awards.

Cameron would direct several short films in 2013 including a segment for the Soska sisters Blood Drive PSA. She would produce two more feature films (Utero and Save Yourself) before embarking on her most ambitious project yet – filming three movies while traveling across the USA in an motor home with some of her favorite filmmakers. The team shot two narrative features (Desolation and Mania) and the documentary surrounding the process called Kill The Production Assistant. Mania would mark Cameron’s second time directing a feature film.”

Jessica Cameron’s Mania – A F*cked Up Lesbian Love Story

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With 69 acting credits on her resume, Jessica Cameron is slowly but surely establishing herself  in the horror genre. J-Cam writes, produces, directs, designs, enjoys the ideology of torture, etc. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook. Also, I would recommend Scream Queen Stream, a series on Youtube that is co-hosted by the talented Heather Dorff.

What are your thoughts on Jessica Cameron? Are you afraid of Jessica based on her Irish/Scottish heritage? Should Cripps pretend he is Bruce Jeffrey Pardo and light Jessica on fire? Let us know by commenting below and return to 1428 Elm for the best in Horror News and entertainment.