Is Danny McBride the Right Guy to Reboot ‘Halloween’?


Danny McBride is primarily known for stoner comedy flicks but he’s now rebooting the Halloween franchise. Is he the right person for the job?

Yesterday, the legendary John Carpenter gave us a long-awaited update on the return of Halloween. We’ve known the horror icon has been planning to reboot the popular franchise for a while. Carpenter, who directs the 1978 original, is coming back to executive produce. But he wasn’t pulling the trigger until a script that’s just right comes along.

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Apparently, it was Danny McBride, along with David Gordon Green, who won Carpenter over. With Jason Blum of Blumhouse, they pitched Carpenter an idea he couldn’t pass up. McBride and Green are writing the screenplay together, and Green will direct the film. Green and McBride have previously worked together on Pineapple Express and Your Highness.

What this means is that a director and an actor best known for stoner comedies are spearheading the next Halloween. The two have virtually no horror experience behind them, beyond McBride appearing in Alien: Covenant. But that doesn’t mean that Carpenter is making the wrong choice, and I’ll explain why. It really comes down to two major reasons.

#1. It’s once again John Carpenter’s Halloween

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First, let’s remember that Carpenter himself is on board as a creative consultant and executive producer. This marks the first time he’s been directly involved in the franchise since the third film. That’s all the way back in 1982! So the guy who made the series so great to begin with is the man in charge for the upcoming remake.

It was Carpenter who McBride and Green had to pitch their idea to. Whatever idea they came up with had to be something which really impresses Carpenter. It seems that the creative prowess of McBride and Green isn’t limited to pot humor— apparently they have something in mind for Michael Myers that’s so incredible, Carpenter gave the OK immediately. Carpenter showed his excitement for it with how eager he was to tell everyone about it on his Facebook.

#2. At least it’s not another Rob Zombie film

The other big reason to get excited here is that, no matter what, this can’t be any worse than the last Halloween movie. I was no fan of Rob Zombie’s reboot film, but the sequel to it was much worse. It’s on par with Resurrection for being the series’ worst. So even if the new movie has Michael Myers sharing a couple of joints with Seth Rogen, it still couldn’t possibly be any worse than this:

“I wanna unmask Michael, and he should look like ME!” – Rob Zombie (presumably)

Zombie proves how easy it is to wreck an awesome character like Michael Myers. Carpenter himself agrees, going on record to voice his displeasure in Zombie’s reboot films. Presumably it’s made him a little more protective about the character, which makes me think McBride and Green’s idea must be something pretty solid.

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What do you think— are you excited for Michael Myers to return to Haddonfield? Or should the series just stay buried after the disaster that is Halloween 2? Let me know how you feel in the comments below!