‘The Walking Dead’ Top 5 (Living) Female Characters

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The Walking Dead has many awesome ladies within its cast, so for Women in Horror Month, I’m going to pick out my top five favorites.

I hope you have been enjoying your winter break, but guess what? The Walking Dead season is BACK! Season 7 continues this weekend with all new episodes, and I’m already exploding with excitement.

To kill some time waiting out these remaining few days, I’ll write a little bit about the show. Let’s start off with my list of my top 5 women on the current cast of The Walking Dead. Starting with…

Alanna Masterson on The Walking Dead (Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

5. Tara Chambler

Ever since first appearing on the show, I’ve been enjoying Tara Chambler. I love her backstory. She comes into the show as an antagonist to Rick Grimes and company, because she’s one of the Governor’s soldiers. After realizing he’s just a conman, she refuses to take part in his raid on the prison.

Then, Tara becomes Glenn’s traveling partner. The two help each other as Glenn searches for Maggie in the back half of Season 4. This makes being on the wrong side of the battle much more heavy for her. But by helping Glenn, everyone forgives her and brings her into the fold.

Tara finally gets her own episode in Season 7. It was a long-awaited exploration of the character, showing how tough she really is and making me love her that much more.