‘The Walking Dead’ Top 5 (Living) Female Characters

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Sasha on The Walking Dead (Photo – AMC)

4. Sasha

While Tyreese is a fan favorite character from the original comic books, his sister Sasha is not. In fact, she’s nowhere to be found in the source material from Robert Kirkman. When she first would appear in Season 3, my original predictions were that she’d be gone by that year’s finale. With the Governor plotting a bloody takedown of the prison, I was thinking for sure Sasha would be one of the first to go.

Obviously, Sasha has above and beyond proven that theory wrong. She not only survives much farther past her brother, she’s become one of the best characters on the show. With the sniper rifle being her trademark weapon of choice, we’ve gotten to see Sasha in action taking out many of the undead.

As well, we’ve gotten to see Sasha suffer a lot, too. Through the deaths of those she is close to— from Bob to Tyreese to Abraham— it’s always been rough to see her in such misery. But through tragedy comes perseverance, and Sasha is now one of the highlights of the series. It’s a shame she might end up leaving us soon, as the actress Sonequa Martin-Green has been cast as the lead on an upcoming Star Trek TV show.