‘The Walking Dead’ Top 5 (Living) Female Characters

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Maggie (Photo: AMC)

3. Maggie Greene-Rhee

You’ve got to appreciate Maggie. She makes up one half of by far the greatest romantic pairing to ever come out of this franchise. From the very start, when Maggie and Glenn hook up in an empty pharmacy, I was really rooting for their relationship. Their subsequent marriage and various trials and tribulations have always been one of the story’s most compelling aspects.

As we all know by now, this marriage came to an end at the start of Season 7. Negan, as Dave Chappelle puts it, “smashed this guy Glenn on the head and killed him”. There is now no longer a “Pam and Jim” dynamic on The Walking Dead as none of the other romances can match up to the chemistry Maggie and Glenn had.

But while everyone else was getting in line for Negan immediately, Maggie wasn’t accepting that. With Glenn’s brains still cooling on the ground, Maggie tells the others that they need to prepare for a fight. Even Rick didn’t think that was a good idea. But at this point on the show, the other characters are finally coming around and backing her up. A war is coming for Negan, and Maggie’s going to be right there on the front lines of it.