‘The Walking Dead’ Top 5 (Living) Female Characters

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Rosita (Photo from AMC)

2. Rosita Espinosa

Like Maggie, Rosita just wasn’t going to accept a life under Negan. The leader of the Saviors not only killed Glenn, but Abraham as well. Although Abe and Rosita had previously broken up, she still carried a lot of love for that man. Seeing Negan caving Abe’s head in makes things very personal for Rosita.

After the deaths of Glenn and Abe, most of the others were willing to jump in line. Negan has everyone too terrified to fight back. But Rosita’s not so quick to tap out. She quickly finds her own gun after the Saviors take away Alexandria’s weapons. Next, she just needs to find some ammunition. But just one bullet is all she’s seeking— all she wants to do is kill Negan. Even if it gets herself killed.

Negan eviscerates Spencer in front of Rosita, and that’s the final straw. She shoots at him, but as luck would have it, Lucille blocks the shot. This earns Rosita a new scar on her face, as well as the death of one of her friends. The plan didn’t succeed, but at least Rosita gave it a shot. Seeing her so willing to avenge Abraham and Glenn has made me much more of a Rosita fan.