‘The Walking Dead’ Top 5 (Living) Female Characters

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1. Michonne

There’s no way anyone else could have topped this list. I absolutely love Michonne. Ever since first appearing in the story, she’s been one of its most interesting characters. Coming into the scene with a katana and armless walkers for camouflage? Talk about an amazing first impression.

At first, all we knew about Michonne was how tough she is. She’s very skilled with the sword and knows how to survive on her own. But as the seasons continued, we’ve gotten to know the woman behind the blade a lot better. She was just an ordinary person before the zombie apocalypse, a young mother with a seemingly happy life. All that was taken from her which led to her being a loner.

Now, Michonne is part of a new family. She’s one of the most vital members of our group of survivors, and always will be as long as she’s still around. Michonne has even found love again with Rick Grimes, bringing her some joy she probably never thought she’d feel again. With Carl and Judith in her life as well, Michonne seems to have found some purpose again.

But never has she stopped being a badass, and those katana skills are going to come back into play soon enough. Michonne is another one of the few wishing to take the fight back to Negan. She learned the location of his compound and talked some sense back into Rick. So when the All Out War happens in upcoming episodes, I’m expecting to see Michonne, sword in hand, right there on the front lines.

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