Loved To Death: The 5 Best Horror Films To Watch on Valentine’s Day

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2) Jonathan Levine‘s Warm Bodies (2013)

Jonathan Levine’s ‘Warm Bodie’s One-Sheet – Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Stopping our hearts at number 2 of the five best horror films to watch on Valentine’s Day is Johnathan Levine’s Warm Bodies.

Crashing into cinemas February 1st, 2013, Warm Bodies is probably the best horror film to watch on V-Day in the last 10 years. A film about love and igniting passion, Warm Bodies should make every single person happy upon viewing.

Telling an awesome tale of a love struck zombie trying to protect his love, Warm Bodies is an effective film. With a heart drenched finale, the 2013 film is as perfect as a romantic horror film can be. So have some brains instead of eating them and see Warm Bodies today.