How ‘Leatherface’ Ties Into ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Films


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel Leatherface takes place in the universe of the original film trilogy, and here are some ways it will tie into those movies.

Texas Chainsaw 3D isn’t the greatest horror movie, but it takes an interesting approach to the series. The story had already been rebooted, so the studio took it in another direction. Rather than being another remake, it serves as a sequel to the original films, taking place in the present day.

The same team is now working on Leatherface, which also takes place in the same universe. However, this story will take place before the original movies. Most of the plot details are still under wraps, but we can assume it reveals how Leatherface becomes the monster we recognize from Tobe Hooper’s classic film.

To firmly establish itself as taking place in the same canon, Leatherface is linking to other films in the franchise. Writer Seth M. Sherwood recently spoke to Bloody-Disgusting about the ways the prequel ties into the other TCM movies. You can check out the article for the full scoop, but to make life easy for you I’ll summarize the key points below.


  • While having some specific links to the original trilogy, Leatherface will pay tribute to all of the movies in the franchise as a whole.
  • As previously reported, Sally and Franklin’s father Ted Hardesty is in the movie.
  • Drayton (the father), Nubbins (the hitchhiker), and their Sawyer surname will be referenced.
  • Lefty (Dennis Hopper) from Part 2 directly inspired the film’s antagonist Hartman, an unstable Texas Ranger out for revenge against the Sawyer family.
  • The “Clarice” character is inspired by Chop Top.
  • The “backwoods isolation” vibe from Part 3 is recreated by using similar locations, with remote roadside outposts and scrub-brush filled badlands.
  • Texas Chainsaw 3D‘s corrupt mayor character is the son of Leatherface‘s Hartman, the deranged lawman pursuing the Sawyer family.
  • Verna Sawyer, played by Marilyn Burns in 3D, appears in Leatherface (played by Lili Taylor).
  • Jed Sawyer (Leatherface) starts off as somewhat “normal” and the story will explain how he is “reduced to nothing”, becoming the sadistic murderer we know and love.

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