The Walking Dead: 5 Dumbest Moments From ‘The Other Side’

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The Walking Dead – Courtesy of AMC

The Walking Dead is heading towards the end of Season 7 with episode 714 ‘The Other Side’, and here are the episode’s five dumbest moments.

I love The Walking Dead, but I’m not afraid to call it as I see it. And sometimes, that means pointing out the sillier aspects of the show. Let’s go through the five biggest blunders of “The Other Side”, starting with…

5. Abraham set up Sasha for an awkward conversation

Back when the Sarge was still around, he had been forming an Alexandria love triangle. After a recent breakup with Rosita, Abraham had been pursuing Sasha. Because Rosita wasn’t over him yet, it created a scenario with two women interested in the same man. Of course, that all ended when Negan ended Abe’s life with a baseball bat.

Before Abraham died, however, he apparently gave Sasha a handmade necklace. She had been wearing it since his death, with it popping out in plain view in the new episode. Rosita noticed the necklace, and recognizing it as the one she made for Abraham, she tells Sasha where it came from. Awkward.

Did Abraham know he was going to die? Because he surely can’t be dumb enough to not realize Rosita eventually would notice the necklace. What kind of guy gifts something from his ex to his new girlfriend? I have a feeling Sasha and Rosita would both be kicking his ass if Negan hadn’t gotten to him first.

EDIT: It has since been pointed out that Jesus gave the necklace to Sasha. I either missed or don’t remember that scene. So I take this one back.