The Walking Dead: 5 Dumbest Moments From ‘The Other Side’

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The Walking Dead – Photo by Gene Page/AMC

4. Sasha seems a bit too distraught over Abraham

I don’t want to say that people shouldn’t be grieving for their loved ones. Anytime a beloved character dies on The Walking Dead it’s natural for there to be others grieving the loss. But with that said, it seems Sasha grieves a little too much for Abraham. That’s as evident as ever when Rosita finds her once again hanging out at Abe’s grave.

Seriously, it seems like anytime someone wants to find Sasha, they just need to check Abraham’s grave. Like I said, I know they were getting close, and I don’t want to take anything away from the drama of Abe dying. But why is it that this death bothers Sasha more than any other? When her own brother Tyreese wound up dead, Sasha forgot about him pretty quickly. She was probably much closer to Bob than Abe, yet she still didn’t spend an entire season getting over his death either.

So why is it that Sasha is so obsessed with Abraham’s demise? Even Maggie does other things at the Hilltop aside from just chilling on Glenn’s grave. And she was actually married to Glenn and carrying his baby, while Sasha had basically just started seeing Abraham.