The Walking Dead: 5 Dumbest Moments From ‘The Other Side’

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The Walking Dead – Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

3. Daryl nearly creates another catastrophe

Daryl Dixon is one tough bastard and probably one of the most capable survivors on the show. So why is he so damn stupid sometimes? That seems to be the case, as Daryl nearly created whole new mess of problems in the new episode.

With the Saviors rolling into town, Daryl and Maggie hide out in a cellar. One of the Savior goes into it to help himself to some vegetables. Without even noticing the people hiding in there, Daryl readies a knife, preparing to go in for a strike. If it weren’t for Maggie being there to stop him, he would have burst out and killed the Savior.

Obviously, this would have been very bad news. The others would notice that this guy is missing and investigate. Whether they even find Daryl, there will be hell to pay when they find out their man is dead. And then they will be taking it out on the innocent people in the Hilltop.

Did Daryl learn nothing from getting Glenn bashed on the head? After all that time spent on Easy Street to think about exactly that, he still decides to take them on. Not smart, Daryl.