The Walking Dead: 5 Dumbest Moments From ‘The Other Side’

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Sasha and Rosita on The Walking Dead (Gene Page/AMC)

2. Sasha and Rosita are not very patient, are they?

The two Negan assassins make it to the Sanctuary with no major problems. In a nearby building, they even secure a fantastic vantage point of the compound. They’ve got a top of the line sniper rifle with them, and with Sasha’s proven skills, this could be the perfect place to take out the head honcho.

When the Saviors return with the Hilltop’s Dr. Carson, the man himself, Negan, steps outside. But as bad luck would have it, Sasha can’t seem to get clear shot. Whether it’s Eugene or one of the Saviors, people keep popping up in the way, preventing a sure-fire hit. Sasha is forced to save the bullets and bide time for another opportunity.

But Sasha and Rosita aren’t willing to wait. Oh, Negan went back inside? Does that mean he will never go back outside again? Chances are that he will, and maybe it’s best to wait for the golden opportunity. But that isn’t the option chosen by Sasha and Rosita, who decide that they’re going to storm the building that night with guns blazing.

Waiting for the perfect shot nearly guarantees Negan dying. Blindly charging a place full of armed guards, with the hope of lucking out and finding Negan, nearly guarantees the opposite.