The Walking Dead: 5 Dumbest Moments From ‘The Other Side’

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The Walking Dead – Courtesy of AMC

1. It’s obvious that it’s not Daryl Rosita finds in the end

The Walking Dead likes to try and trick the audience, but I’m not falling for it anymore. Sometimes it seems pretty obvious when they’re trying to get us to believe one thing, just so they can “shock” us later. What happens in the end of “The Other Side” looks to be another attempt at this, although this one is one of the more obvious ones.

Rosita runs from the Sanctuary and comes across a silhouette of a man with long-ish hair holding a crossbow. Earlier in the episode, it clearly shows Daryl noticing Sasha and Rosita to be missing. With this in mind, the goal for the show seems to be for us watching to believe that Daryl had left immediately, lucking out by finding Rosita as quickly as he did.

But I’m not buying for a second that this is Daryl. Did they really think I’d forget that Dwight had taken Daryl’s crossbow? He also has similar hair, and with that trademark weapon over his shoulder, Dwight would look very much like Daryl at night. He was not on the other side of the fence with Negan earlier, which very well could mean he’s outside, where he runs into Rosita.

The good news is, although this isn’t Daryl, I still think he’ll want to help Rosita once he learns why she’s there. But the bad news is that if this cliffhanger was meant to mislead us, it hasn’t, and the Dwight reveal won’t be too surprising.

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