The Walking Dead: Top 5 Biggest Cowards On The Show

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Fat Joey on The Walking Dead – Courtesy of AMC

4. Fat Joey

We’ve gone through plenty of Negan’s goons on The Walking Dead, and typically they’re not very bright people. But the lowest soldier on the totem pole would have to be Fat Joey. Because of his stocky size, that’s the nickname his leader Negan would bestow upon him, but it’s not like Joey was ever going to correct him.

Fat Joey obviously fears Negan incredibly. Upon giving Negan his bat during Carl’s impromptu visit, Fat Joey would endure some ribbing from his leader. Unable how to respond, Joey nervously smiles through it, scurrying out as soon as Negan tells him to do so. He looked like he was going to pee his pants at any moment.

Later, Daryl witnesses Joey’s cowardice first hand, during the younger Dixon brother’s grand escape. While eating a sandwich, Fat Joey encounters Daryl leaving the compound. Poor Joey pleads for his life, suggesting that he only does what Negan tells him to do. Judging by the fear in his voice, I don’t doubt Joey’s story at all. He would have also done exactly whatever Daryl would have told him to in that moment as well.

But Daryl wasn’t taking any chances. He bashes Joey’s head open, but his time in this world was always going to be short.