The Walking Dead: Top 5 Biggest Cowards On The Show

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Gregory on the Walking Dead – courtesy of AMC

3. Gregory

Gregory, the leader of the Hilltop (played by Xander Berkeley), is one of the show’s most entertaining characters. He’s also one of its most cowardly. The Saviors definitely have Gregory by the genitals, and it’s no secret that Negan scares him to death. To keep his own skin intact, and by extension, his people, Gregory gives the Saviors whatever it is they ask for.

That didn’t stop Gregory from agreeing to “hire” Rick’s group to take out a Saviors outpost. All that did was piss Negan off, and Gregory was quick to act like the deal never happened. He refuses to help anyone involved with Rick’s group, only begrudgingly doing so at the behest of Jesus.

Gregory even attempts to give up Maggie upon one of Simon’s visits. She would have certainly wound up one of Negan’s wives if she was found. Fortunately, Jesus knew how he couldn’t trust Gregory, so he hid her with Sasha in a different hiding spot than Gregory had suggested. When Greg tried to expose the women to Simon, they weren’t there, and remained safe. But, the fact that he still tried is pretty irritating.

Even now, Gregory still shows a very obvious fear from the Saviors. As Maggie herself says, being such a coward makes Gregory a very dangerous leader.