The Walking Dead: Top 5 Biggest Cowards On The Show

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Nicholas on The Walking Dead – (c) AMC

2. Nicholas

After Glenn’s death in the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, his near-death experience has been forgotten. But let’s look back at that fateful moment to occur in the beginning of Season 6. We’ll rewind a little bit first to setup the backstory.

A cowardly Alexandrian named Nicholas first shows his weaknesses by causing Noah’s death. With Glenn, Noah, and Nicholas trapped in a revolving door, Nicholas forces one side open to free himself. This leaves Noah to be ripped to shreds by zombies on the other side. Glenn has to watch as the poor kid receives one of the show’s most gruesome deaths ever.

Later, Nicholas attacks Glenn in the woods and leaves him for dead. Glenn survives and beats down Nicholas, pondering killing him for revenge. But Glenn just can’t do it, and he helps Nicholas back to the town. This seemingly gives Nicholas a new outlook with a desire to make things up to Glenn, but things don’t turn out that way.

On a mission outside the walls, Glenn and Nicholas wind up trapped on a dumpster. They’re surrounded by zombies reaching for them, with no apparent way out. Nicholas feels like this is the end, so he ignores Glenn’s pleas to stay with him, and shoots himself in the head. This makes them both fall into the pit of zombies, which Glenn just barely survives.