The Walking Dead: Top 5 Biggest Cowards On The Show

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Eugene on The Walking Dead – Photo by Gene Page/AMC

1. Eugene

Did you expect anybody else to top this list? I’m betting that if you look up “coward” in the dictionary, they’re using a picture of Eugene for reference. Eugene is far and beyond not only the biggest coward on The Walking Dead, but perhaps TV’s biggest coward ever.

Let’s not forget how Eugene made it this far. If not for his lies to Abraham about being a scientist from D.C., he wouldn’t have made it another week. Only with stronger people protecting him is he making it so far into the apocalypse. And that’s true whether it’s Abraham, Rick’s group, or even Negan and the Saviors.

You’d think after a while, Eugene might finally man up a little bit. That’s what happened with Father Gabriel, after all. But apparently Eugene will always be useless, as we just saw on the series. With Rosita giving Eugene a perfect opportunity to bust out, he cowers and runs inside to side with Negan instead. He doesn’t mind being on the side of the bad guys if he thinks it means things will be safer for him.

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I will say that although Eugene is a weakling, he’s smart enough to use it to stay alive. He knows he’s no fighter, so he has to come up with other ways to keep going. But, at the end of the day, whether it keeps him breathing or not, Eugene is by far the biggest coward on the show.