‘Friday the 13th’ Game Devs Making Jason Even Deadlier


Friday the 13th: The Game is drawing ever nearer, and devs are giving Jason one last deadly trick before the anticipated game launches.

Friday the 13th: The Game isn’t out yet. We all know this, and many of us are pissed about it. I say waiting just a little bit longer is no problem at all if it makes the game even better. And having this extra time to perfect the game seems to be doing just that.

Over on the official forum at F13game.com, Wes Keltner is dishing out details on an all new trick for Jason Voorhees. Along with his other abilities in the game, it serves to make Jason as horrifying and deadly as possible. It gives Jason players more options to hunt down his prey.

I’m talking about that in the literal sense. Jason’s new trick is that he will be able to use traps, like the counselors can. But being Jason and all, his traps are going to be different. Having spent his life in the woods, he’s made his traps from things like pieces of wood or “bed springs from an old mattress”. Upon selecting the trap in your inventory, Jason can set it on the ground and cover it up with leaves.

From Keltner’s forum post, here are some of the other details about Jason’s traps:

  • Counselors cannot disarm Jason’s traps. However, devs are open to updating the game to allow them to do so if fan feedback demands it after launch.
  • Jason’s traps cause slightly more damage than the counselor’s traps; it also takes them slightly longer than Jason to escape them.
  • Jason can only set traps outside in exterior locations. He is able to set them up in counselor hot spots like near the car, but as he has limited traps, players won’t be able to troll with them.
  • If a counselor hits a trap, Jason players hear its sound effect. They can then use the map to see which trap had been set; it will be flashing.

Keltner also released two preview photos of the trap in action. Check them out below:

Friday the 13th from Gun Media and Illfonic

Jason’s trap is underneath that pile of leaves on the road. Off-road they’ll be harder to spot.

Friday the 13th: The Game – From Gun Media and Illfonic

This poor counselor stepped into a trap and will probably be dead within the minute.

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The release date remains “Early 2017” for this game. But it now has its official ESRB rating and pre-orders have been closed and charged. That means it has to be around the corner. Stay tuned for an official date, but be happy knowing we are now weeks away. Want to play the game with me on Xbox Live? Add me at slimymeteor.