Rob Zombie’s Halloween II: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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1. Laurie Strode definitely dies in Rob Zombie’s original ending

The ending of this movie essentially concludes Zombie’s version of the Michael Myers story. Myers gets his hands on Loomis at the end and finally kills him. Then, Sheriff Brackett and Laure are able to kill Michael Myers. After viciously stabbing Michael’s body, Laurie emerges from the barn wearing his mask. The film then shows a scene of Laurie isolated in a mental asylum, having apparently gone insane from all the trauma.

However, in Zombie’s original vision, he had plans for Laurie to die along with Michael and Loomis. Zombie wanted to kill all three of the film’s leads in the climax of the film. In this alternate ending, Myers kills Loomis outside the barn, after Loomis removes his mask. The police outside then shoot Myers dead on the spot.

Moments later, a traumatized Laurie emerges from the barn. She picks up Michael’s knife and stands there in a daze. In a panic, confused police officers shoot her dead. As she falls to the ground, the film then goes into the scene of her in the mental home, having the same hallucination. This was meant to be Laurie’s final thoughts just before she passed away into death.

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Ultimately, however, Zombie chose to keep Laurie Strode alive for the final product. But the bad news is she’s now insane and will be locked up for an indeterminate amount of time.