Rob Zombie’s Halloween II: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 17: Director/screenwriter John Carpenter signs copies of his new book, ‘John Carpenter’s Tale For A Halloween Night’ at Barnes

9. John Carpenter turned down a cameo role in the movie

Every big horror fan knows that John Carpenter is the man behind Halloween. He utilized a low budget to create one of the most popular horror films ever. Since then, it’s spawned an entire franchise, making Michael Myers one of pop culture’s greatest villains.

Rob Zombie enjoys inserting horror names into his films, and the Halloween movies are no different. For this sequel, he had hopes of bringing in Carpenter himself for an on-screen role. It would admittedly be an interesting way of recognizing the person to forever change the landscape of horror movies. But this would be a cameo that was just not meant to be.

Upon getting the offer, Carpenter didn’t take it. He wasn’t interested in appearing in the film. Perhaps it’s all for the best, as this movie is so far removed from Carpenter’s vision of the story. Associating him with it in such a way would actually seem pretty weird. And considering how poorly it turned out, it’s a smart decision in retrospect. But the director’s reason for saying no was most likely due to him preferring to stay behind the camera for these kinds of things.