Rob Zombie’s Halloween II: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Laurie Strode in Halloween II – Dimension Films

8. Laurie Strode is a fan of notorious maniac Charles Manson

You’d think Michael Myers would be the only Halloween character fascinated with death. Well, his prime stalking target Laurie Strode is pretty morbid as well. So morbid, in fact, that she seemingly idolizes infamous murderers. The case in point is that she, for some reason, dons a large photograph of Charles Manson directly above her bed.

It’s easy to miss this if you’re not looking for it. The photo appears roughly halfway into the film. You can capture a good look at the poster on the wall when Annie and Laurie are arguing in Laurie’s room. You only see Charlie’s face for the briefest of moments, but his name on the bottom of the picture is clearly shown.

One of the biggest aspects of Laurie’s character in this film is her constant struggles with PTSD. It seems like sleeping under the mugshot of another scary murderer is a little counterintuitive for that process. Who knows the real reason why Laurie insists on keeping the poster there. Maybe she is just so horrified of Michael Myers that every other infamous killer just seems less scary in comparison? Your guess is as good as mine.