Rob Zombie’s Halloween II: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Terror Train (20th Century Fox)

7. The film slyly references another Jamie Lee Curtis horror movie

One of the original scream queens Jamie Lee Curtis is best known to horror fans as Laurie Strode. Her starring role in John Carpenter’s original Halloween is a big part of what makes the film so great. Fans of the movie have a fond appreciation for Curtis based out of this role.

But there’s another horror film Curtis appears in that doesn’t get nearly the same level of attention. 1980’s Terror Train is a film which also features Curtis in a starring role, and it’s a very entertaining flick. Taking place on a moving train, the movie’s about a costume party gone wrong when a murderer uses disguises to sneakily kill people.

What does this all have to do with Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, you ask? Well, there’s a moment in the film which very coyly references Terror Train. It happens when the girls arrive at the concert. The song the band happens to be playing is called “Terror Train”. It’s just a subtle way of shouting out to another classic horror film that stars the leading lady of the original Halloween. Presumably, the next song the band played was called “Prom Night”.