Rob Zombie’s Halloween II: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Halloween II Michael Myers – Courtesy of Dimension Films

3. Daeg Faerch had grown too much to reprise his role

For the most part, all of the prime players from the first movie had come back to reprise their roles. Malcolm McDowell was back as Dr. Loomis, Scout Taylor-Compton was reprising Laurie, Brad Douriff was Sheriff Brackett, and so on. But one particular casting change had to do with the part of young Michael Myers.

Although Halloween II takes place in Michael’s adulthood, child Michael is shown in the film. However, this time, it’s not Daeg Faerch, the boy who plays young Michael in the first movie. Faerch was set to come back into the role, and had even done some test shots in character for it. So the plan was always for him to come back, just like all of the other actors.

However, by the time production began on the flick, puberty had taken its toll. Faerch began to look drastically different than he did when filming the first Halloween. Zombie was admittedly not happy about recasting the role, but he did so due to the change in Daeg’s appearance. Either way, young Michael was going to look different, but Zombie preferred to at least keep him the same age.