Rob Zombie’s Halloween II: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Halloween II – Michael Myers – Courtesy of Dimension Films

2. Rob Zombie didn’t want to do the movie, at least at first

Rob Zombie likes to change his mind a lot. Long before making his version of Halloween, he had condemned horror remakes in an interview. Obviously, remaking Halloween proves he no longer feels that way. But his tendency to change his mind about these things doesn’t end there with this franchise.

Upon completing the first movie, Zombie felt the experience was very exhausting. Although it did well enough to warrant a sequel, Zombie wasn’t interested in doing it. He told Dimension he was out, and the studio looked elsewhere for a director. After a year, they started zoning in on Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Muary to co-direct, and things were nearly set to move in that direction.

But after having a year to think about it, Zombie decided he didn’t want to see another filmmaker mess with his vision. He also felt he had more creative freedom by getting involved with part 2, as he could go his own way with it. Zombie no longer felt that he had to stick to John Carpenter’s blueprint, and could simply tell his Halloween story however he wants to. One thing you can definitely say about this movie is that it is indeed very different from Carpenter’s films.