‘Friday the 13th’: Actress From Second Sequel Has Sadly Passed Away


Shelly himself has let fans know about the passing ‘Friday the 13th Part III’ actress Gloria Charles on Twitter. It’s a sad day for fans of the iconic franchise.

According Bloody-Disgusting, the Friday the 13th world is mourning the loss of series alumi Gloria Charles. While cause of death is unknown, BD reports Charles needed “24 hour, around the clock, in-home care” after recovering Go Fund Me info from a November dated account.

Apparently, the Friday the 13th vet left us in December but we’re finding out about it now. The news is breaking after fellow Part III actor Larry Zerner came across the news and then went to Twitter.

Check out the Twitter post below, courtesy of Shelly himself, the account of Mr. Larry Zerner:

Appearing in Steve Miner’s Friday the 13th Part 3D, we here at 1428 are sadden by the passing of the stellar performer. Playing Fox in the series’ third installment, Charles makes quite an impression in the little screen time she has. Personally, I love her in the convenient store scene. Friday Freaks, while death is a part of life, this really sucks.

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If you’re reeling like 1428 is in the loss of Gloria Charles, check out a beautiful tribute to the actress below, courtesy of Lily Smith and BD for the find:

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