Every Stephen King Adaptation Coming Out This Year

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Stephen King is going to see several of his stories hitting both the big and small screens this year, and here’s a mini-guide to ensure you see them all.

If you’re like the staff here at 1428 Elm, you can’t get enough of Stephen King. The horror legend is a creative genius and one of the most prolific authors of all time. While his talents are most appreciated by horror fans, King has proven to be just as formidable with his other works. That’s how we get to see stories of all different kinds to come from King’s mind, from Cujo to The Shawshank Redemption.

2017 is shaping up to be one of the best years yet for fans of the King. The living legend has several big adaptations coming out this year, each one looking amazing in its own right. Even those who aren’t major King fans should still be paying attention to these releases. Whether it’s on the big screen at the theater or in your very own living room, we’ve got a list of King adaptations which should be on your radar. So let’s get on with the list, and see what we all have to look forward to this year!