Every Stephen King Adaptation Coming Out This Year

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1922 by Stephen King – Courtesy of Scribner

6. 1922

This is going to be a feature film based on a Stephen King novella of the same name. In King’s original story, a man named Wilfred James murders his wife with the help of his teenage son. Yeah, like many King stories, it’s a screwed up one. But things get even more horrifying from there, as Wilfred soon finds himself plagued by rats. At a certain point, Wilfred comes to believe that the spirit of his deceased wife is now haunting him, taking her revenge from the grave.

There hasn’t been as much coverage on this movie, perhaps because it’s not heading to the big screen. This adaptation is being developed by Netflix, and will premiere on the popular streaming service. It seems Netflix is well aware of the popularity of King’s stories. With the other big releases coming, this is a great time to adapt more King. An official release date for the movie has yet to be revealed, but so far the release date is listed as 2017. That suggests we’ll get it sometime this year.

Thomas Jane will be heading 1922 as Wilfred James, the murdering husband. Jane also starred in another Stephen King adaptation — The Mist feature film by Frank Darabont.