Every Stephen King Adaptation Coming Out This Year

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5. The Mist

Speaking of The Mist, that’s another Stephen King adaptation that is forthcoming for this year. Previously, the King novella had made it to theaters as a solid movie from Frank Darabont. It gets a lot of attention for its controversial ending, but the movie as a whole is pretty compelling. Without explaining the reason behind it, the story focuses on a mysterious fog that envelops an entire city. With it comes unexplainable creatures who enjoy feasting upon the terrified citizens.

While The Mist movie takes place primarily in a grocery store, the upcoming TV show is taking a new approach. It’s going to feature multiple storylines and locations, depicting how the mist is affecting various groups of survivors. Presumably, a lot of these stories will converge as the season progresses. It does not feature any of the same characters from the film and is presenting an entirely fresh take on the tale.

This should excite Stephen King fans because The Mist is a story that can easily go past the length of a single film. A television series is a great avenue for adapting the story. It’s going to be very interesting to see how different people react to this unexplainable phenomenon. The trailer suggests a strong psychological horror aspect as well, bringing into question who the real monsters are.