Every Stephen King Adaptation Coming Out This Year

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1. IT

This is without a doubt the Stephen King adaptation people are looking forward to the most. Stephen King’s IT is one of the author’s most popular of all of his scary stories. The 1990 TV mini-series with Tim Curry is highly regarded among horror fans, with many crediting it for inspiring a worldwide fear of clowns. In any case, the titular “IT” is certainly the scariest clown from any fictional medium, bar none.

A feature film based on this novel (essentially a reboot of the mini-series) has been talked about for years. For whatever reasons, the project just couldn’t get off the ground. Cary Fukunaga had been previously attached to direct, with Will Poulton starring as Pennywise. Creative differences led to him leaving the project, with the script being reworked and Poulter also dropping out.

With this turmoil behind the scenes, so many of us were leery about this movie being a success. Since then, everything coming out about it seems so much more positive. Set photos look damn amazing, and this film seems to be more faithful to the novel than the 1990 mini-series. And Bill Skarsgård looks terrifying as hell as Pennywise in the first official trailer for the film. Having a hard ‘R’ rating also gives director Andy Muschietti room to make it as brutal as it needs to be.

IT comes out in theaters on September 8, 2017.

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