The Walking Dead: Negan Kills Carl in Devastating Animation


A YouTube animator has made a devastating “What if?” animation depicting Negan killing Carl in the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead.

I’ve got to say, I thought Season 7’s finale of The Walking Dead was top notch. Producers obviously listened to our complaints from the year before. There weren’t any incredibly painful cliffhangers — the season had a satisfying conclusion, while still setting up a strong future.

One of the most memorable moments comes when Shiva the tiger saves Carl. Moments before Negan bashes Carl on the head to kill him, Shiva suddenly mauls one of the Saviors. Soldiers from the Kingdom and the Hilltop join in the battle seconds later. The distraction gives Carl a chance to get away as Negan and the Saviors focus on escaping.

But what if Ezekiel didn’t make it in time? One more second would be all it took for Carl’s head to get bashed in. How would Rick have reacted to seeing this happen in front of him? Some of us were probably wondering, including the YouTuber WackyWeirdo.

WackyWeirdo makes tons of animations featuring The Walking Dead characters. I encourage you to check them out after watching the one below. This one really sticks out because even though it looks a little comical, the alternate scene itself is heartbreaking.

Take a look at the full scene below.

In the clip above, Negan whacks Carl in the skull, sending him to the ground with his head bleeding out. A distraught Rick then attacks Negan, knocking him to the ground. In response, Negan’s soldiers fill Rick with so many bullets they would’ve ground his insides into hamburger.

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Fortunately, this is just a YouTube video, and Carl is (hopefully) not leaving us anytime soon. Kudos to WackyWeirdo for doing a good job with the animation.