Halloween: Top 5 funniest Michael Myers kills

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Michael’s kills are usually pretty horrific in the Halloween movie franchise, but sometimes, his murders are unintentionally hilarious.

Oh, Michael… you’re just a regular Mitch Hedberg, now aren’t you?

We’re not here to tell you that Michael Myers isn’t scary. The star of the Halloween series is no doubt responsible for millions of nightmares since the 70s. We’re just saying he apparently has a sense of humor as well, as seen by these five murders…

5. Lynda Van Der Klok (Halloween, 1978)

As much of a practically perfect film as John Carpenter’s magnum opus is, it still has a death scene worthy of this list. Some would call the original film the scariest of the bunch due to its suspense. But there’s at least one death scene which can make at least some horror fans chuckle.

During Trick or Treat, Lynda enjoys some private time with her spectacled boyfriend Bob. You may remember Bob getting pinned to a door upon going downstairs by himself. That sucks for Bob, but that’s not the funny death in question. However, it does lead directly to it.

Soon after Bob dies, Michael grabs a bedsheet along with Bob’s glasses. He uses them to disguise himself as Bob in a ghost costume. Not counting the trademark white mask (or the clown outfit as a child), this marks the only time Michael has actually dressed up for Halloween. The fact that this psychotic murderer looks like a silly ghost with glasses has just always kind of tickled me a little bit.

As for the kill itself, it’s not quite as humorous. Michael strangles Lynda with a phone cord. It’s just that he just looks so goofy doing it.