Halloween: Top 5 funniest Michael Myers kills

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4. Jen Danzig (Halloween: Resurrection, 2002)

You can probably go ahead and put me on record as saying Halloween Resurrection is the weakest entry in the whole series. I’m even including both of Rob Zombie’s movies on that list. If there’s one movie with the Halloween label on it in which Michael Myers should be most embarrassed about, it’s definitely the seventh movie.

In this movie, Michael quickly dispatches of his old nemesis Laurie Strode before heading back home to Haddonfield. Around this same time, an internet reality show is set up in the old Myers household. Through live streams, viewers get to watch a group of people exploring the home, unaware that Michael has returned to resume his killing spree.

While the bulk of the film is unintentionally hilarious, one particular death scene stands above the rest. That would be the character of Jen Danzig. Jen had dreams of stardom, leading to her to appear on the reality show despite being very easily afraid. She deals with her anxiety by scaring the others, screaming when she isn’t really in danger.

This backfires on her later, when she finds a dead body in the house. The others refuse to help her when she screams, thinking she’s screwing with them again. They simply just watch and chuckle, along with the internet viewers, as Michael lops her head off with a kitchen knife. Only after getting an up and close look at Jen’s severed head does anyone realize she’s actually in danger. In their defense, seeing it bouncing down the stairs was oddly a bit funny.