‘Friday the 13th’ Game: 5 Horror Titles Devs Should Do Next

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Friday the 13th: The Game is dropping soon, but I’m already looking ahead and pondering what kinds of games the developers could do next.

Before we get started, I hear your complaints. You’ve been waiting for eternity for this Friday the 13th video game to come out, but the wait’s not quite over yet. All I can say is that I share your pain, but that the wait will definitely be worth it.

For now, I’m killing some of the time by thinking about what could be next for Gun Media. The F13 beta alone proves they understand the source material they’re working with. I bet they could do the same with…

Child’s Play (UA/MGM)

5. Child’s Play

This could be an interesting multiplayer game that plays similarly to Friday the 13th. The obvious difference here is that the killer is tiny. Doing this would put a different spin on the gameplay, as Chucky would be able to sneak up on potential victims in various creative ways.

You could include some notable locations from the movies. This includes places from the Good Guy factory from Child’s Play 2 to Jennifer Tilly’s mansion in Seed of Chucky. And if you’ve got Brad Dourif doing the voice of Chucky? Go ahead and take my money now.