‘Friday the 13th’ Game: 5 Horror Titles Devs Should Do Next

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Halloween – Courtesy of Compass International Pictures

4. Halloween

1176 Michael Myers has flirted with video games in the past, but just hardly. In 1983, an Atari game based on Halloween was released. This would be the only time the Halloween franchise had its own official game. But more recently, he was featured in a new DLC for the PC game Dead by Daylight. It offered players the chance to play as Michael Myers or Laurie Strode, but it’s not quite the same as being an actual Halloween game.

Who better than Gun Media to develop a potential new video game for Halloween? There’s just as much potential for something great. Michael Myers could appear as many of the different versions from different films in the franchise. It’d be awesome to play in iconic locations in Haddonfield, such as the hospital from Halloween II. You know they’d get the music too, and it will make you feel like you’re in the films.

With Danny McBride and David Gordon Green bringing the film series back in 2018 with John Carpenter, Michael Myers could be back in the spotlight before we know it. The new movie will help revitalize interest in the legendary horror series, and there would be a lot of people with a heavy interest in the game.